What Being a Mom has Taught Me

Lessons I've Learned From Being a Momma

Turning the big 3-0 this year, I started to reflect on all the great milestones that have  occurred in my life. In my reflection, it also amazed me on how different the life lessons were from each other. From moving to Texas on my own, to starting my first corporate job, to getting married, to becoming a mom and to starting a blog. Each terrifying, but exciting in their own way and ultimately building off of each other to prepare me for the future. One of the areas of my life where I’ve been applying the experience I’ve gained from each of those events lately is being a mom!

“One of the areas of my life where I’ve been applying the experience I’ve gained from each of those events lately is being a mom!”

When becoming a mom it’s funny – before I had kids, I always thought being a mom would be one of the easiest things. (I guess that’s a tribute to my own mom making it look so easy). But it’s taught me some of my hardest life lessons and also brought me some of the greatest joys that I didn’t even know was possible to experience. I’m so grateful for Jaxton and the TBD baby coming this June.


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What Being a Mom has Taught Me

Patience – For moms, future moms, aunts and grandparents I think this one is easy to identify with. Kids don’t always do exactly what you want them to do (for me I am looking at 50% success rate). With Jaxon being 2ish, I know he is learning boundaries and testing us on the dos and don’ts, but gosh this is challenging! Patience has been huge to ensure we are staying consistent with what we say is ok and not ok.

Being Perfectly Imperfect – I can put a ton of pressure on myself to always have everything together. My mindset is very solution based, so any problem I put on my “super mom” cape and want to save the day. What I have come to realize is being a mom is messy. I am going to have some perfect days, but will have some perfectly imperfect days too (and that’s ok).

Unconditional Love – Prior to having my son, mom’s would tell all that time that having a child is love that I had never experienced before. Well, those mom’s new what they were talking about. I have grown such an unconditional love for J, that the momma bear has come out a couple of times (when safety was a concern of course).


For all the mom’s out there, I would love to hear what lessons you have learned from becoming a mom! 



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