30 Toy Ideas for the Airplane

Does Traveling with a toddler feel overwhelming, chaotic, scary or all of the above? Well trust me moms and dads, I feel you!

Jaxton has been on about 16 plane rides since he was 6 months and each time before a trip I stress the day before. The good news is….

  1. You will get through it

  2. I have listed out some awesome ideas to help distract your little one(s) to help the flight go by quicker.


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Jaxton loves reading! Before any trips, weeks before we have been reading about planes, visiting his grandparents or books that relate to places that we are heading.  I think this helps him get prepared and excited for his new adventure.

Here are some fun toddler books that we love:


We always wrap each activity/toy in tissue paper and they open them up each half hour/hour. Sometimes toys last more than an hour and sometimes it just kills a good 30 minutes. Which I still consider a win! We like to wrap them in tissue paper because it isn’t as messy and can be wadded up nice and small. Also takes time for them to unwrap and is exciting!

As far as storing the toys, we usually put them in Jaxton’s little roller suitcase that his Nanny (grandma) got for him, he loves to pull it around. It is small but just big enough to hold all the activities! Here are some similar and fun roller backpack ideas,  Train Roller Backpack or for girls Unicorn Rolling Backpack.

Below I have listed out some tips and activities we have used and love.  We love all of these, but also try to mix it up with each flight so I like to have a good list to resort to. Also, remember that anything that comes in a box will probably travel better if you take it out and put it in a bag.

  1. Straw Bottle – I am going to start with the necessities first, bringing a spill free water bottle is always a must! We end up using on the plane, car rides and when we get to our destination

  2. Expandable Lunch Box – Snacks, snacks, snacks it always a must for us. I like to pack small, easy, on-the-go snacks. Our go-to snacks are, cheerios, travel apple sauce, fruit, crackers and/or sandwich

  3. Reusable Snack Bags – if room is tight these are awesome too!

  4. Crayons we are now getting into the fun stuff. We always carry crayons with us. Jaxton loves to color and this is something he always comes back to when he gets bored

  5. Coloring Book – fun to pick out new theme’s each trip

  6. Window Gel Clings – these are fun for kids to stick on the airplane windows or back of seats (mess free)

  7. Sticker Activity Book – Jaxton has always gotten a kick out of stickers. It’s great to have a place they can place them too,  so your not chasing them down around the seat or you

  8. Colorblast Bundle – Invisible ink marker only marks on the pages (not clothing or the airplane seats)

  9. Magnetic Chalkboard/Dry-Erase Board – two for one!

  10. Love Taza Kids’ Activity Kit – Recently found this gem if you limited on space. It holds 35 magnets & 1 dry erase marker, a passport activity coloring book, 8 crayons, 5 finger puppets, and 90 colored wax sculpting sticks. Wow right!

  11. Play-Doh Construction Fun – Play-Doh alone is fun to mash and build, but having tools to cut, hammer and roll makes playing with Play-Doh so much more fun for J.

  12. Slinky – metal or plastic, small or big perfect for kids to get memorized with for a bit

  13. Thomas & Friends Engine – For those Thomas & Friends fans, connecting trains and dragging them around has always been clutch

  14. Wind-Up Train Book – J’s Nanny brought us this one. It’s a book that you read with a built in track on each page for the train to scoot around. *Note – it is a bit on the heavier side

  15. Disney / Pixar Cars – or just plan cars at the dollar store. I always get a pack just in case we loose some on our travels

  16. LEGO® – The LEGO attached here is a Classic Green Creativity Box easy for building the figures. Small LEGO’s work well too

  17. Build Bonanza Building Block Tape – building block base, including those that are upside down, vertical and curved

  18. Mickey & Mini Mouse Headphones or Cars 3 Headphones – perfect for letting them listen to music or movie

  19. iPad or iPad Mini with a Ipad Mini Durable Case

  20. Movie favs – Trolls, Disney’s Cars and Disney’s Coco (maybe I like this one more 🙂 than he does). Linked are the actual blue ray, if on an iPad you can download too

  21. Let’s Go Fishing Game – small, compact and can entertain (we pull this out during dinners too)

  22. Melissa & Doug ‘Fish & Count’ Game – more for the younger toddlers, but still fun!

  23. Mold Clay Activity Set – alternative to Play-Doh

  24. Tissue Art – easy to clean and can use the tissue you wrap your toys in

  25. Wikki Stix Wikki Stix – light to travel with and has multiple uses such as, making figures or making Cheerio bracelets

  26. Scratch Art Activity Book – scratch and unveil the pictures in the book

  27. Little Hands Ready, Dino – decorate, hatch and create dinosaur activity craft set

  28. Art Kit – wide variety of craft supplies, I usually take out a little for each and place in a bag for the plane

  29. Sticker Pad – what child doesn’t love stickers! And it’s reusable!

  30. Vehicles Picture Panels – re-stickable storytelling toy with no glue, no scissors, no mess! Just using the magnets that come with set

Hope these help! Happy travels!



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