Best Dad Buys for Father’s Day

“Dads are the most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventures, story-tellers, and singers of song.”



I’m usually a procrastinator with holidays, but starting to think about Father’s Day a couple weeks early has reminded me how lucky we are have my husband. Jess is really a hands-on dad. He’ll immediatly plays with Jaxton when he get’s home from work, usually watering flowers in his nice dress shirts, and is always willing to help with changing J’s diapers, helping me make dinner (he is an amazing griller), or just wrapping up everything downstairs as I prepare Jaxton for bed. He never says he’s too busy or doesn’t have time to help, and is always willing to drop everything to help out with the kids when I have a photoshoot running late or needing some time to work on my blog.

I love seeing him play with little J. It’s funny because even at an early age I noticed that Jaxton and Jess share the same particularity about things. For example, while Jaxton is playing he will aligning cars perfectly or feels uncomfortable when having dirty hands. I have even noticed Jaxton loves cars just like his dad. He is always announcing to everyone when he sees fast cars, motorcycles or big trucks drive by.  It’s precious to see how much Jaxton really looks up to him.

For Father’s Day I like to do something sentimental with Jaxton and also get him something from me. Jess collects watches so I knew exactly what I wanted to get him. It’s the only thing he keeps organized in his closet – everything else could be a disaster but his shelf where he keeps his watches is always in perfect order, haha.  It’s one of his favorite accessories so I get excited to pick pieces out for him because I know it will get a lot of wear. Currently his all time favorite watch is his fancy Panerai that his sister got him for his 40th birthday. I was thinking something a little more of a classic timeless piece he can wear with a button up and sneakers or that he can dress up with a suit for work or a business meeting.

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