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Want to plan a party? Well you have come to the right place, because  party planning is my jam!

I have been hosting parties since college and have loved every one! Recently, I just had my BLOG LAUNCH event (which I will be sharing the details in this post), additionally, I have hosted baby showers, birthday’s, graduations and wedding festivities. Some have been at my house or at restaurants, either way I love the process and the turn out of it all!

 Scroll down below to check out your AT HOME party to-do list, outfit options and fun activities.


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DIY Party Check List

  1. The Invite – I always love getting the invite out to my guests. This is the face of your event, so make sure you take the time to select the invite that correlates with your theme. Below are some awesome invite options depending on how formal you want to get.

    • Paperless Post – My preferred choice is to send out quick invites via email. You have free options with creating your invite or can pay for extra details as your invite is being created (customization of online envelopes, background or stamps). You are also able to track who will be attending or unfortunately declining.

    • Evite – This is another option I have had success using for online invitations sending via email and tracking your guests. They also offer an option to send invite via text. I personally have not used the text invite, however, I have friends that have, so if you’re in a time crunch and can’t reach out to everyone through their email address this is a great option.

    • Minted – They have just started to provide email invites as well. I have only used them for paper invites, in which, I have loved how these invites have turn out. What I think is special about Minted is all the invitations are created by individual artists or vendors so you have an abundant of unique options.

  2. Food – I would suggest to have your party catered. Cooking for everyone can be overwhelming and stressful for the day of the event. In Dallas we have an awesome store call Central Market (HEB chain). Here is an example of catering options Serving Hors d’oeuvres that I selected from. The decision for your food will depend on the time of the event (appetizers, cheese/fruit plates or dinner).

  3. Plates and UtensilsAmazon Utensils are always a great option since it’s easy and quick to order with a ton of color options. I like the look of clear plastic utensils and plates.

  4. NapkinsBranding or event logo opportunity! You can get really creative with the napkins and they usually they come in bulk. I used my own logo for my blog using with 24 Hour Napkin.

  5. Drinks – To have or not to have alcohol? I have always hosted with alcohol being an option. If you want to ensure things don’t get too wild and want to save costs, beer and wine is an easier (less expensive) option too. Tip: If you have a Total Wine nearby, whatever wine you do not use you can return back for a full refund. 

    For my blog party my sister-in-law suggested we have a signature drink so we made a cocktail called Stoli Doli, it was a hit!!!



Ingredients (about 20 people):

  • Glass Drink Dispenser
  • 2-3 pineapples
  • 2 Liters of Stolichnaya Vodka
  • 1 Pineapple Juice

How to Make Stoli Doli:

  • Slice the pineapple into chunks and place into a large container, preferably one with a spigot, such as a drink dispenser.
  • Cut pineapple into large slices and place in drink dispenser. Note: you may not need all the pineapple, just enough to fill the jug.
  • Pour the vodka over the pineapple using more if needed to cover pineapple.
  • Cover, and allow to sit for 4 to 5 days, or longer, to infuse the Vodka with the pineapple juice.
  • To serve, pour into a shaker filled with crushed ice.
  • Shake well to chill and pour into martini glasses or add a splash a pineapple juice to add a hint of sweetness.

6. ENTERTAINMENT – This is a great opportunity to allow your guests to intermingle. One of the biggest hits at my blog party was putting together a photo booth. Researching and finding a photo booth surprisingly was not a easy feat. I first looked to rent through photo booth companies, in which, they were all very pricey (ranging from $250+). Since this wasn’t in my budget for this event, I decided I would just make my own.

DIY Photo Booth:

–  iPad Air or better/iPad Mini – Recommend to have an device that allows a software update of 10.0 or better. Most apps I have found, unfortunately do not support the 1st generation iPads.

–   Neewer Photo Studio Light Stand – Light weight and can be folded into a small size, making it portable and easy to store after use.

–   Neewer Mini Ball Head – Putting a mini ball head between the iPad case and the light stand provides flexibility to make adjustments on the fly.

–  Neewer Camera Photo/Video LED Ring Light – Provides enough brightness for you to polish your photos and near flawless look.

–   Backdrop – Depending on the theme of your event backdrops can be as detailed as a flower wall or a green hedge with a logo of event name. I went a quicker route and used a fun metallic tinsel foil fringe curtains with a mix of Rose Gold layering over the Silver curtain for a bit more fullness.

–  The Photo Booth App – Below are some of top photo booth apps that I found. When searching for apps, I wanted a clean look that was easy to share photos through text or multiple social media options. In addition, I looked for a company to include my logo on the images for reposting.

IMG_9170 2

IMG_9167 2.JPG


>  SNAPPIC – Used this app for my blog party and loved it. They checked all boxes for my requirements and had great customer support. Note: This is a an app that will need iPad Air and above.

>  Simple Booth – This app has everything that SNAPPIC has, however, I would recommend using this one only if you plan to have ongoing events. They are subscription based model, so for getting your money’s worth, I think using it more than just for a couple of events throughout the year wouldn’t be worth it.

> Pocketbooth Photo Booth – 1950s-era theme photo booth that supports iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia and Window Phone. If you wanting to capture just images this is a great inexpensive option

Hope this helps at your next event! If you have any questions or need some additional recommendations please leave a comment below!



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