Balanced Diet While Pregnant

Balanced Diet for Family


You can’t help but feel happy with a comfortable thermal. I started wearing this shirt in white (Sold out at Nordstrom Rack), but also BLACK, and many more colors HERE.  These shirts have recently become my go-to’s at work and weekend, especially during the second half of my pregnancy because they are just so comfortable! In addition, to my go-to look, a lot of you have asked about staying fit while pregnant. Great question!  For me it was keeping my body moving (work out post to come) and learning to create a balanced diet.

Balanced Diet

At first I thought I was going to be crazy healthy, I completely stopped eating junk food but about 10-11 weeks into it I sort of had a melt down. I was stressing myself out overanalyzing every little thing I was eating wondering if it was healthy for the baby and ultimately I knew that stress would be harder on the baby than just trying to have a balanced diet. Our lifestyle is pretty fast paced (who’s isn’t these days), but I always try to grocery shop at my lunch break (at my day job) and give myself at least an hour to cook after the gym/walk with Jaxton and before Jess gets home. Since I can’t alway’s be on top of getting a home cooked meal on table,

I really tried to focus on these things:

1. Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt, strawberries and granola is another go to breakfast or snack. I’d have it almost every morning before I head out the door. It is rich in proteins and calcium which are great for the baby and has probiotics which are good for your digestive system.

2. Drinking tons of water

I keep a bottled water in my car, at my desk and CORKCICLE (26 OZ) at home, just so I could I always be drinking water.  I try to drink about 4 of my CORKCICLE (26 OZ) (since every woman and pregnancy is different, please check with your doctor)

3. Eating fruits and veggies

Fruits never tasted so good! Especially toward the third timester I can’t get enough! Oranges and apples are really easy on the go and for other fruits like strawberries and blueberries I’d separate into like 5 little baggies in the fridge so it was easy to grab on the go for the week. Unfortunately, I am not much of a veggie lover so I ensure to include a veggie as a side for every dinner.

4. Limit Caffeine

I had about 3-4 caffeine drinks a week [doctors say 16 ounces a day is okay but I just tried to do a little less].

5. Sweets: 100% I still enjoyed a good sweet! One of biggest cravings this pregnancy has been Honey Nut Cheerios! I mean who doesn’t like a bowl of those? Also, my husband, Jaxton and I love a good batch of warm Nestle’s cookies…mmmmmm. Don’t let yourself feel guilty for a little indulging!

6. Vitamins

Lastly, through out my pregnancy, every morning I take One A Day® Women’s Prenatal. My first pregnancy I was ALWAYS craving ice, why I asked my doctor, this was due to having low iron (who knew). This particular brand was one recommended by my doctor due to having Omega-3 DHA and high levels of nutrients including iron and folic acid. (Please check with your doctor on the best prenatal for you).

     Being pregnant is so different for everyone, so find what works best for you. My biggest piece of advice is take care of that hard working body, enjoy it and embrace the changes your body is taking! It goes by so fast!

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