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I was recently inspired by a lovely soon-to-be mom who asked me, “what should I put on my registry”? When she asked me this question, I had a quick flash back of me holding a scanner at Buy Buy Baby, just standing in the bottles isle for lord knows how long, blankly staring and thinking, “out of the fifty different bottles in front of me which one is the best brand and which one will my baby like most?” Come to find out that all babies are different on how they take to bottles. I should have had a trail round with a start up kit of what my top 3 choices would have been to make a better decision, rather than going nuts over the “prettiest” model I saw on the floor. Lesson learned, but gosh that would have been so beneficial to know then.

With that flash back in mind, spending hours upon hours making these decisions I thought,  “wow if I could just list out the top 10 must-have baby items that I had already gone through trial and error with this would save her so much time.” So this post is for you, the soon-to-be mommas and those needing some great baby gift ideas.

  1.  Dockatot – this may look like a fancy doggie bed, but the Dockatot was a game changer for us.  We went from three hours a sleep a night to at least six! I also loved it because it’s a comfy place for little ones to not only snooze, but play, do tummy time and even have a diaper change.

  2. Honest Diaper Bag or my newest favorite is the Fawn Design Diaper Bag – my biggest suggestion with diaper bags is to get a backpack. I first got a cute Pottery Barn over the shoulder one and it was so hard to carry. Remember on the go you will have baby, stroller, purse and diaper bag. Travel smart and handsfree.

  3. Carrier Baby Wrap or my newest favorite is the Solly Wrap – I love the wraps because I feel it brings you closer to your little one, physically and emotionally, while simultaneously giving you the freedom and comfort to take on daily life.

  4. White Noise Machine – Sleep is crucial during your babies infancy. This machine helps block out any noises going on outside the room. We take the white noise machine even on trips!

  5. Gliding Chair and Ottoman– I say 100% glider over rocker chair. The glider provides the minimal effort to move while trying to calm your little one while eating. Another tid bit is I recommend to have a little rest area for your head. At 3am in the morning the little rest spot has been a game changer for me to also be able to relax during feedings.

  6. Owlet Smart Sock– Owl who? The Owlet is a smart sock that tracks heart rate and oxygen levels while your baby sleeps. If something goes wrong the owlet will notify you through your phone. Having the Owlet reduced a ton of stress and peace of mind while sleeping.

  7. Mama Roo– when you put your baby down, the Mama Roo is designed to move the way parents do when holding them. I like that it has five different motions and speeds to soothe baby. It also comes with white-noise sounds and is Bluetooth enabled. Fancy huh?

  8. Diaper Pail – having place to put the little one’s business out of sight, no lingering smell and one or two trips a week to the dispose all the diapers in the alley for us was an extra house chore less to worry about.

  9. NoseFrida®– Assists parents to get the boogies out. The initial thought process of “sucking out the boogies” sounds gross yes. However, this product is designed where you are just vessel of suction, the extra “stuff” is blocked far from your mouth. It really has helped get out all the gunk so baby can breathe better.

  10. Bottle Warmer – I used this a ton for breast milk and transitioned over to the frozen food I would make for J. I like that it limits the risk of having the milk or food too hot to burn your baby’s mouth.

Those are my top 10 Must-Have Baby Registry Items! I hope this has helps during the decision process for choosing what you or your loved one should get in preparation of have a small bundle of joy welcoming your lives. Enjoy!



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